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Lesson 11.2


La escuela



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  The following text describes a typical day at school of a young girl named Mary. In this text you will learn vocabulary related to school including material and class subjects as well as actions and verbs in the present simple and present continuous.

El siguiente texto describe un día típico en la escuela de una chica llamada Mary. En este texto podrás aprender vocabulario relacionado con la escuela incluyendo el material y las asignaturas y también las acciones y verbos en presente simple y presente continuo.

Mary is walking to school. She is carrying her backpack. In her backpack she has got 2 books, her pencil case with pencils, pens and erasers and a notebook. Today Mary has an exam in Math class. She is a bit nervous.

When she arrives at school she puts her backpack in her locker and goes to her first class, English. The teacher teaches the students vocabulary about the weather. After English Mary goes to Math class.

She thinks that the exam is quite easy so she is very happy. Mary goes out to the playground after Math and talks with her friends. Her third subject is History. She doesn’t normally like History, but this year she has a great teacher. She says he explains things in a way that she understands.

After History Mary has lunch. She sits with four other kids from her class. She eats a hamburger and a salad. For dessert she has chocolate ice cream.

The next two classes are Art and Physical Education. She really likes P.E. because they practice all kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball and badminton. After school Mary walks home. When she arrives, her dog Buster is waiting for her at the front door.

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