English Abbreviations and Acronyms

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The English language is filled with abbreviations and acronyms used in order to save time and space.  Nowadays they are even more popular with the use of mobile phones and tablets. An abbreviation is a shortened word that sometimes ends with a period.  For example hr. is the abbreviation of hour. An acronym is the first letter of each word in a phrase.  ASAP is the acronym of As soon as possible.  Below we have compiled a list of the most commonly used ones to help you recognize and use them more easily:

a.m. ante meridiem- before midday
a/c air conditioning/ account (British)
acct. account (American)
AD Anno domini (latin)= in the year of the lord
approx. approximately
appt. appointment
apt. apartment
ASAP as soon as possible
AKA also known as
BA Bachelor of Arts/ British Airways
Cc carbon copy
B&B or B+B bed and breakfast
BC before Christ
BCE before common era
b.o. body odor
BYOB bring your own bottle
CV curriculum vitae
DIY do it yourself
Dr. doctor
Etc. etcetera
e.g./ex. example
FAQ frequently asked question
ft. feet (= 30,48 cm)
gal gallon (=3,79 liters)
GPS global positioning service
hr. hour
i.e. that is
lb. pound (=453,59 grams)
MA Master of Arts
MBA Master of Business Administration
min. minute/ minimum
Mph miles per hour
Mr. mister
Mrs. missus
Ms. miss
Mt. mount or mountain
p.m. post meridiem= after noon
PE physical education
PS postscript
RSVP répondez, s’il vous plait (French)= please reply
sq. mts. square meters
tbsp tablespoon
tsp teaspoon
temp. temporary/ temperature
vet. veteran/ veterinarian
vs. versus
yd. yard (=,91 meter)





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