Tips on learning English during the quarantine

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Millions of people around the world are confined to their homes in an attempt to decrease the spreading of the Coronavirus. This gives us all many hours to spend on learning new things.  And it’s a great time for improving our English level!  Here is a list of tips on how to do this:

  1. TIME: Whether you use our website or our APP, the important thing is to dedicate at least 30-40 minutes a day.  If you dedicate even more time, that’s fantastic! Try to do it the same time every day. Having a routine will make it easier to stick to. You can start with our elementary level and work through our whole course in order or if you have a good English level already you can skip around to different units. Do our exercises at the end of each unit. They are self-correcting so you can see your results immediately and check your progress.  
  2. TV and VIDEOS: Watch TV series, films or videos in English with subtitles in English. Understanding the language as it’s spoken is a very important aspect. Write down new words in a notebook.
  3. MUSIC: Listen to music and read the lyrics while you’re listening. Online music videos  with lyrics are perfect. If you listen repeatedly to your favorite songs you will start to memorize  new words.
  4. READING: Read books, online magazine articles, opinion articles, newspapers or any other written material … students who read more have a much larger vocabulary.
  5. PODCASTS and RADIO: Subscribe to podcasts and/or listen to radio in English. It will help you stay informed on current news and practice English listening skills.
  6. NEW WORDS: Try to learn 4-5 words per day from any of the above (TV, films, videos, music or books, etc). You should write down new words in a notebook so that you have all new words in one spot. If you copy a new word five or six times it will help you memorize it. Study the list of words every day and try to make sentences with them.   
  7. CHAT with people online. We have an online chat room on our website and APP. You will need to register to use it This will give you the chance to write, chat and exchange ideas in English with other students like you in a casual environment.
  8. SPEAK: Practice speaking English to other family members, chat with friends on videos calls or even talk to yourself. Speaking is key!

Enjoy! Learning English is fun!




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