What’s the difference between Adjectives & Adverbs?

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ADJECTIVES describe people, things or animals.

The house is BIG.

My grandfather is OLD.

We have a NICE, NEW, RED car.

ADVERBS describe HOW an action is done.

He read the book QUICKLY.

She plays the violin BEAUTIFULLY.

She drives SLOWLY and CAREFULLY.

In many cases, adverbs are formed by adding -LY to the adjective:

The apple is BAD – He dances BADLY.

A cheetah is QUICK – She runs QUICKLY.

But, there are some IRREGULAR adverbs:


good                                 well                               He speaks English well.

fast                                   fast                                They run very fast.

hard                                 hard                              She always works hard.

late                                   late                                I arrived late to work.

early                                 early                             He gets up early every day.

daily                                 daily                             She cleans the hotel rooms daily.

straight                            straight                       He walked straight to the shop.

friendly                            no adverb                   –

timely                               no adverb                   –

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* This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)