Homophones: How do you pronounce these two words: BLUE and BLEW?

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 Which of these two grows in a garden: FLOWER or FLOUR? Have you ever read a word in English and you are not sure how it is pronounced? Or you need to write a word in English but you can’t remember how it’s spelled?

Homophones are two words that have the same pronunciation but have different spellings and different meanings. The English language has many homophones and they often cause a lot of confusion to English learners.

Here is a list of some of the more commonly used homophones and some examples to help you understand the different meanings:

Children, you are not allowed to stand up on the chairs!
Don’t say it aloud, it’s a secret!

There are many bears living in the forests of Canada.
The kids weren’t wearing any shoes…. they were bare foot.

The sky is blue today.
The wind blew very hard yesterday.

I have nothing to do, I’m so bored!
The teacher wrote the words on the board.

If you throw the toy on the floor, it will break.
When you need to slow down, use the brakes.

To start a letter we write: Dear Sam…
Deers are one lions´ favourite prey.

It’s not fair! He can go out tonight, but I can’t.
The fare on the train to San Francisco is $5.

Flower- Flour
In the Spring there are beautiful, colourful flowers.
To make a cake you need eggs, sugar and flour.

How many guests are coming to the party?
I didn’t know the answer on the test, so I just guessed.

She has such long, beautiful hair.
Hares can run very fast.

Dig a hole in the soil before you plant the tree.
The whole family is coming at Christmas.

I heard the story on the news.
He is a shepherd and he cares for his herd of sheep.

He sent me a package in the mail.
Male is masculine, female is feminine.

We bought a new car.
Since she had studied a lot, she knew all the answers.

I love swimming at night in the summer.
The princess fell in love with a brave knight.

Pears and peaches are my favourite fruits.
In class today we worked in pairs.

Many ngo’s ( non-governmental organizations) promote peace in the world.
I can’t finish the puzzle because I’m missing a piece.

Some very poor people are homeless.
Can you pour me a glass of milk, please?

Red is my favourite colour.
Last night I read for two hours before going to bed!

The children like to roll down the hill on a snowy day.
Her role in the play is a crazy, old lady.

You are right. I am wrong.
Please write your name here.

Be careful when you walk down these stairs.
They were angry so they just stared at each other.

We need to wait about 10 minutes for the next train.
I’ve gained 2 kilos in the last month. I need to lose weight!

This week has been so stressful!
He is so weak, he can’t even lift a bottle of water.

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