I realizad it was only….. a dream

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Voiced by Amazon Polly

I went on a trip
To a faraway land
Surrounded by blue sea
And covered with sand

I walked and I walked
´Til my legs were all sore
I stopped and rested
Then I walked some more

Finally, it looked like civilization
Was in the far distance
A group of thatch huts
Could I find some assistance?

As I approached the sight
I could see what it was
Piles of wood, not huts
And strange animals covered in fuzz

They were brown and scary
With big fangs and full of hair
And all they seemed to do
Was sit and angrily stare

One beast started charging
I ran as fast as I could
And climbed up a tree
On a high branch I stood

The animal caught up quickly
Right behind me he crawled
And there was nothing I could do
But just stand there and bawl

I noticed I was sweaty
I let out a loud scream
And as I sat up in bed
I realizad it was only….. a dream