How do people celebrate Valentine’s Day?

February 12, 2018

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Valentine’s Day is the celebration of LOVE and people celebrate it all around the world on February 14th. Traditionally it is a day of ROMANCE that couples celebrate together but nowadays friends and family members also exchange little gifts, candy or cards as a sign of their affection.

But what is the history of this celebration?

There are many different myths about the origins of Valentine’s Day but one of the most popular ones is about Saint Valentine, a Roman priest in the 3rd century.

Emperor Claudius II was the Roman leader at that time and he believed that single men were better soldiers than those with wives and children, so he banned marriage for all young men. Valentine defied the emperor and secretly continued to marry young lovers. When Claudius II discovered what Valentine was doing he ordered the priest to be executed.

Valentine’s execution occurred on February 14th . In the 5th century the church designated the 14th of February as the day to honor this saint.

And how do people celebrate it?

Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day in all sorts of different ways. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. FLOWERS– a bouquet of flowers or red roses are a great way of brightening your loved one’s day.
  2. CHOCOLATE– Chocolate is the most typical sweet on Valentine’s Day. There are boxes of chocolates sold in all different sizes and shapes but the most popular one on Valentine’s Day is a heart shape. Is there any sweeter way to say “I love you”?
  3. GREETING CARDS– A hand written note on a greeting card is a romantic way to tell your significant other how much you care about them.
  4. GOING ON A DATE– Many couples go out for a nice meal on Valentine’s Day and many restaurants offer special romantic dinners for the occasion.
  5. ROMANTIC GETAWAYS– And for couples who want to travel to share their love in a different city or country, there is a plethora of weekend getaways offered on and around February 14th .

HAPPY Valentine’s Day!