Food Idioms & Proverbs

Let’s face it! We all LOVE food! And when we’re not eating, we like talking about food. In the English language there are thousands of expressions with food. Today we’re going to learn a few of the most common proverbs and idioms related to things that we eat and drink. A proverb is a simple, …

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English Abbreviations and Acronyms

The English language is filled with abbreviations and acronyms used in order to save time and space.  Nowadays they are even more popular with the use of mobile phones and tablets. An abbreviation is a shortened word that sometimes ends with a period.  For example hr. is the abbreviation of hour. An acronym is the …

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Learn English with movies!

One of the best ways to improve your understanding of the English language is by watching movies. Movies are not only entertaining, but can also provide you with some common colloquial phrases and expressions as well as vocabulary and grammar in context. TIPS on watching movies: – Watch the movies with English subtitles – Watch …

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El desempleo en España- ¡aprende inglés!

Unemployment in Spain has reached a record-breaking high of over 6 million unemployed.  That means that up to 27% of eligible workers are currently without a regular income.  And for young adults in Spain the situation is looking more difficult than ever with unemployment levels of over 57%.  The statistics are shocking in this article about the current situation of  Spanish unemployment in El País in English.

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