Homophones: How do you pronounce these two words: BLUE and BLEW?

 Which of these two grows in a garden: FLOWER or FLOUR? Have you ever read a word in English and you are not sure how it is pronounced? Or you need to write a word in English but you can’t remember how it’s spelled?

Homophones are two words that have the same pronunciation but have different spellings and different meanings. The English language has many homophones and they often cause a lot of confusion to English learners.

Here is a list of some of the more commonly used homophones and some examples to help you understand the different meanings:

Children, you are not allowed to stand up on the chairs!
Don’t say it aloud, it’s a secret!

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El desempleo en España- ¡aprende inglés!

Unemployment in Spain has reached a record-breaking high of over 6 million unemployed.  That means that up to 27% of eligible workers are currently without a regular income.  And for young adults in Spain the situation is looking more difficult than ever with unemployment levels of over 57%.  The statistics are shocking in this article about the current situation of  Spanish unemployment in El País in English.

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