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The time is here! Set your clock and get ready! Today’s post is about expressions and idioms related to TIME. The following list contains some of the most commonly used English expressions regarding the passing of time with explanations and examples to make them clearer.

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AGAINST THE CLOCK– in a hurry or with very little time.
They are working against the clock to have the house ready for the guests arriving Saturday.

A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT– something that comes too late and isn’t worthwhile economically.
Yesterday we bought a used car after searching for weeks. Then today my uncle said we could have had his, but that it needs repairs. A day late and a dollar short!

AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR– something that happens at the last minute, almost at the end.
The opposing team scored a goal at the eleventh hour and won the game!

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER– it is better to do or have something late than not at all.
We wanted to give her the birthday present at her party but it wasn’t delivered until 3 days later. Well, better late than never!

DONKEY’S YEARS– for a very long time.
He’s been living in Spain for donkey’s years! It must be 30 years now!

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La Tormenta

July 12, 2013

Lightning over small townOne balmy, humid summer night I was at home with my family. We were sitting quietly in the living room when we started to see bright flashes of lightning in the sky. A few drops of rain started to fall but as the strong gusts of wind moved in the rain became heavy. As the storm moved even closer we could hear loud bangs of thunder and see enormous lightning bolts jolt the sky. It was amazing to watch from the safe haven of our living room. Suddenly our electricity went out and the whole house was pitch black! Continue Reading…