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Ejercicio Listening del tema: Especial Vocabulario de NAVIDAD

Christmas Vocabulary (Vocabulario de Navidad)
Three Wise Men: Los Reyes Magos
Father Christmas / Santa Claus: Papa Noel
Baby Jesus: Niño Jesús
nativity scene: Belén
Christmas tree: árbol de Navidad

Merry Christmas!: ¡Feliz Navidad!
Happy New Year!: ¡Feliz año nuevo!
Christmas Eve: Noche buena
New Year's Eve: Noche vieja
New Year's day: Año nuevo
Peace on earth!: ¡Paz en la tierra!

snowman: muñeco de nieve
copo de nieve
bola de nieve
Santo, sagrado
gifts, presents:
gift giving:
intercambio de regalos
Christmas cards: tarjetas de Navidad
nougat: turrón
feast: banquete
Christmas Traditions (Tradiciones de Navidad)
The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is one of the most dominant symbols of the Christmas season all over the world. The decorated and fully lighted Christmas tree has an aura in itself. It fills the air with warmth, love and happiness that are symbolic of the holiday season.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the legendary. He is generally depicted as a fat, jolly man with a white beard, dressed in a red suit trimmed with white, and driving a sleigh full of toys drawn through the air by eight reindeer. Santa is said to visit on Christmas Eve, entering houses through the chimney to leave presents under the Christmas tree and in the stockings of all good children.
The Candy Cane

The candy cane represents one of the oldest symbols of Christmas, the shepherd's crook, for the shepherds were among those to experience that first Christmas.
The colors of the candy cane have special meaning, too. The wide red stripe represents the sacrifice of Christ, "For by his stripes we are healed." The narrow red stripes represent our own sacrifices (giving). The white stripe is a symbol of purity.
The peppermint plant is a member of the hyssop family, referred to in the Old Testament as a medicinal herb used for cleansing.
Gifts and Wise Men

The giving of gifts as Christmas is an old tradition. The first Christmas gifts were given by the wise men to Jesus. They came from the east of Jerusalem to greet the Babe with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.