Lesson 3.1

Ways to Find a Job

Maneras de encontrar trabajo
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1. Look on the internet for job postings. Go to the websites that list job offers and allow you to post your résumé [C.V.].

2. Mail or e-mail your C.V. to employers that interest you.

3. Answer local newspaper or magazine ads.

4. Go to employment agencies or search firms.

5. Ask family members, friends, teachers or professionals for job-leads.

6. Go personally to an office, factory or other employer that interests you, introduce yourself and ask about job openings.

7. Contacts, contacts, contacts! Ask the people you know who are working in a company to inquire about job vacancies or to tell you the contact person that you should call or e-mail about job opportunities. Use your contacts’ contacts to spread the word that you are looking for work.

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