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Welcome to your free English course! A great community where you can learn and practice the English language in an easy and fun way.

Follow the classes, step by step; learn English grammar; listen to English pronunciation (either American or British); and test yourself with exercises to measure your progress.


English courses

You can start directly with the beginner course and review the grammatical rules or take the level test and discover which course is best for you.

You can find all available lessons and exercices on our website and choose those you want to use to learn and practice.

Choose your free English course:

Nivel básico
Basic level
A basic course designed for those who are beginning.

Nivel intermedio
Intermediate level
An intermediate level course for those who have already mastered the basic concepts of English grammar.

Nivel avanzado
Advanced level
An advanced course for those who want to perfect their English.

Inglés de negocios
Business English
Lessons and vocabulary related to business English.

Vocabulario para viajar
Travel Vocabulary
Useful vocabulary for foreign travel, organized by theme.


Discover this section dedicated entirely to verbs. Consult the verb lists, listen to the pronunciation, see concrete examples of the verbs in use, or search for specific verbs.

Regular verbs
Here you will find the conjugations of more than 200 regular verbs.
See regular verbs  

Irregular verbs
Find the conjugations of more than 100 of the most common irregular verbs.
See irregular verbs  

Phrasal verbs
An extensive list of phrasal verbs with examples and information on their use.
See phrasal verbs  

Please review the Study Guide where you can find tips to make the most of our courses.

Download the free app now and begin having fun learning English today!

Practice English with new more interactive exercises, continue progressing and moving forward with English. And if you become a Premium user you can access exclusive content: complete lessons with audio and you can use the app without ads and offline so it is always available, even when you don't have an Internet connection!