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Exercises: In a Store

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Choose the correct answer.

Q1 of 10
Where are the ____ rooms? I would like to try this dress on.

Q2 of 10
What _____ are you? Medium.

Q3 of 10
The _____ on Main Street can fix your watch.

Q4 of 10
Is this jacket on _____?

Q5 of 10
I am _____ black boots.

Q6 of 10
What is this sweater _____ of? Wool.

Q7 of 10
It's too big. Do you have a _____ size?

Q8 of 10
Is this a gift? Would you like me to _____ it?

Q9 of 10
I bought this book at the _____.

Q10 of 10
I bought this bag for $5. What a _____!