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Phrasal verb search


Exercises: Present Continuous

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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in parenthesis.

I ____ (work) now.
Q1 of 8
Nell ____ (not/watch) television at the moment.
Q2 of 8
They ____ (go) to the cinema.
Q3 of 8
_____ you _____ (call) your mother?
you (call) your mother?
Q4 of 8
John ____ (read) the newspaper.
Q5 of 8
_____ Valerie _____ (study) English?
Valerie (study) English?
Q6 of 8
We ____ (not/play) video games.
Q7 of 8
I ____ (not/drink) water.
Q8 of 8
We ____ (know) her.