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Exercises: Speaking on the Telephone

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Choose the correct answer.

Q1 of 10
You need to speak with Customer Service. I will ____ you now.

Q2 of 10
If you would like to speak to the operator _____ 0.

Q3 of 10
We have a bad line. I'm going to _____ and call you back.

Q4 of 10
Can you _____ on a minute, please?

Q5 of 10
I would like to _____ to someone in the Sales Department.

Q6 of 10
Sorry his line is _____. Can you call back later?

Q7 of 10
Would you like to leave a _____?

Q8 of 10
_____ I speak to Mr. Wilson, please?

Q9 of 10
Who is _____ ?

Q10 of 10
Can you please _____ your surname? I don't quite understand.