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Phrasal verb search


Exercises: The Gerund and Infinitive

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Write the verb in parenthesis in the gerund or infinitive.

I hope ____ (go) to England next year.
Q1 of 10
They enjoy ____ (work) together.
Q2 of 10
David quit ____ (smoke) a year ago.
Q3 of 10
Do you want ____ (study) with me tonight?
Q4 of 10
We were anxious ____ (take) the exam.
Q5 of 10
He always takes a nap after ____ (eat) a big meal.
Q6 of 10
I have no experience in ____ (work) with children.
Q7 of 10
We're looking forward to ____ (meet) you!
Q8 of 10
Carla doesn't feel like ____ (cook) tonight, so we are going to a restaurant.
Q9 of 10
Sue was relieved ____ (learn) that she didn't have cancer.
Q10 of 10
We can't afford _____ (go) on holiday.
We can't afford (go) on holiday.