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    Practice Exercises Unit test comparative and superlative


Unit Test: Comparative and Superlative

Choose the correct answer.
1 of 10 Are you _____ in art? I think it is very _____.
interested, interested
interesting, interested
interesting, interesting
interested, interesting
2 of 10 Some people think dogs are ____ cats.
gooder than
best than
better than
the best
3 of 10 The game was _____. It was _____ game I've ever seen.
exciting, the most exciting
excited, the most excited
exciting, more exciting than
exciting, the most excited
4 of 10 He works ____ a consultant.
5 of 10 Sheila is ____ Lisa.
many funnier than
much more funny than
much funnier than
many more funny than
6 of 10 John performed ____ last night.
exceptionally well
exceptionally good
remarkably good
enough well
7 of 10 You look just ____ your mother.
such as
8 of 10 That was ____ pizza I have ever eaten.
the baddest
worse than
the worst
the bad
9 of 10 Frank drives ____ his brother.
more careful than
most carefully than
the most carefully
more carefully than
10 of 10 Their house is _____ big. It's _____ mine.
extremely, biger than
extremely, bigger than
enough, bigger than
enough, biger than