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Phrasal verb search


Exercises: Unit Test: Comparative and Superlative

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Choose the correct answer.

Q1 of 10
Are you _____ in art? I think it is very _____.

Q2 of 10
Some people think dogs are ____ cats.

Q3 of 10
The game was _____. It was _____ game I've ever seen.

Q4 of 10
He works ____ a consultant.

Q5 of 10
Sheila is ____ Lisa.

Q6 of 10
John performed ____ last night.

Q7 of 10
You look just ____ your mother.

Q8 of 10
That was ____ pizza I have ever eaten.

Q9 of 10
Frank drives ____ his brother.

Q10 of 10
Their house is _____ big. It's _____ mine.