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Phrasal verb search


Exercises: Unit Test: Future

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Write the correct form of the verb in parenthesis.

I think they ____ (win) the game.
Q1 of 10
We ____ (buy) a new house next year. [We have started looking]
Q2 of 10
Don't worry, I ____ (call) you tomorrow morning.
Q3 of 10
Our flight ____ (leave) at 7pm tomorrow evening.
Q4 of 10
At 1pm tomorrow, we ____ (have) lunch.
Q5 of 10
There are some clouds, but it ____ (not rain).
Q6 of 10
Be careful, you ____ (fall)!
Q7 of 10
I ____ (not come) to the party tomorrow. I am leaving for Paris this afternoon.
Q8 of 10
I ____ (work) when they arrive.
Q9 of 10
He promises he ____ (be) careful.
Q10 of 10
I ____ (look) for a new job next month.