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    Practice Exercises Unit test phrasal verbs


Unit Test: Phrasal Verbs

Choose the correct answer.
1 of 10 How long have you and your boyfriend been ____?
making out
going out
going in
coming out
2 of 10 I don't know how you _____ with only one part-time salary?
get in
get up
get by
get over
3 of 10 We _____ some information on insurance.
are searching
are looking in
are finding out
are looking for
4 of 10 My daughter has a talent for languages. She _____ French in just 2 months in Paris.
picked up
made up
got up
took up
5 of 10 You were sick last week. You still _____ that cold?
haven't taken over
haven't made over
haven't got over
haven't got off
6 of 10 I just _____ my former boss on the street.
came into
ran in
found in
ran into
7 of 10 My children _____ most of the time. They play together a lot.
get on
get off
get in
get up
8 of 10 The concert was cancelled because the band never _____.
gave up
came up
showed up
got up
9 of 10 Mind the gap when _____ the train.
getting out
getting on
getting in
getting over
10 of 10 You can _____ the television. I'm not watching it.
switch on
turn on
turn off
get off