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Ejercicios: Comparatives and Superlatives

(Los comparativos y superlativos)


Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 10
My mother is ____ than my father.

Q2 of 10
What is ____ movie you have ever seen?

Q3 of 10
That movie was bad, but it wasn't ____ I have ever seen.

Q4 of 10
Rachel's hair is not as ____ as Sarah's.

Q5 of 10
Yesterday's exam was ____ than the one last month.

Q6 of 10
Peter is as ____ as Alex.

Q7 of 10
I think Mary is ____ woman I have ever seen.

Q8 of 10
Her room is only a little bit ____ than mine.

Q9 of 10
He is ____ when he is playing football.

Q10 of 10
Michael's house is ____ from the train than Betty's.