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Buscador phrasal verbs


Ejercicios: Direct and Reported Speech 2

(El estilo directo y indirecto)


Escribe las siguientes frases en estilo indirecto, como en el ejemplo (He said he was happy.).

"I'm hungry," Tom said.
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Sarah asked, "Are you busy tonight?
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"I am working in a hospital," she said.
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"We made a great dinner last night," he said.
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"They were living in Chicago when their son was born," she said.
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"I have been to India three times," Melissa said.
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"We have been waiting for the tickets for three hours," they said.
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He asked, "Had you ever been to New York before?"
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"I am from Australia," Pam said.
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"You must drive slowly here," the police officer told me.
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station / please / me / take / the / to / train