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Ejercicios: Each vs. Every

(Each vs. Every)


Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 9
____ of the students is expected to complete three projects this term.

Q2 of 9
Almost _____ student failed the exam.

Q3 of 9
Not _____ good idea can become a reality.

Q4 of 9
We _____ had a chance to play the game.

Q5 of 9
The children read 20 minutes _____ day.

Q6 of 9
_____ one of you needs to write a description.

Q7 of 9
_____ time I go shopping I buy more than I intended.

Q8 of 9
There are two boxes. _____ one has a reference number.

Q9 of 9
We used to go skiing _____ winter when we were kids.