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Buscador phrasal verbs


Ejercicios: Phrasal and Prepositional Verbs

(Phrasal verbs y los verbos preposicionales)


Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 9
You have to _____ your cigarette _____ when you enter the non-smoking area.

Q2 of 9
They _____ all their money _____ to the poor.

Q3 of 9
The firemen are trying to _____ the cause of the fire.

Q4 of 9
My daughter _____ her father.

Q5 of 9
The plane is going to _____ in twenty minutes.

Q6 of 9
My brother uses my things and never _____ them _____ .

Q7 of 9
The music is too loud. _____ it _____ , please.

Q8 of 9
_____ your coat and make yourself comfortable.

Q9 of 9
Peter is so fast! It's really hard to _____ with him.