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Ejercicios: Prepositions

(Las preposiciones)


Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 10
There are many tourists ____ New York.

Q2 of 10
I met him ____ the South of Spain.

Q3 of 10
My apartment is ____ the first floor.

Q4 of 10
The meeting is ____ 3:30.

Q5 of 10
I'm going to Mexico City ____ this weekend.

Q6 of 10
We often go to the beach ____ the summer.

Q7 of 10
My birthday is ____ the 10th of June.

Q8 of 10
His birthday is ____ May.

Q9 of 10
Every year I go home ____ Christmas.

Q10 of 10
We are getting married ____ the spring.