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Buscador phrasal verbs


Ejercicios: Used to

(Soler/Estar acostumbrado a)

Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 10
I ____ smoke when I was in my 20s.

Q2 of 10
I ____ smoke when I drink.

Q3 of 10
I ____ the smell of smoke because my husband smokes.

Q4 of 10
There was a time when she ____ always work late.

Q5 of 10
He ____ be a vegetarian when he was a kid.

Q6 of 10
They ____ the silence when they built a restaurant next door.

Q7 of 10
Sally ____ drink a lot of wine.

Q8 of 10
It's a noisy apartment, but I ____ it.

Q9 of 10
Bill is used to ____ long days.

Q10 of 10
By the time John moves in, I ____ living alone.