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    Recursos Cheat sheets Phrasal verbs Phrasal verb list

A continuación, tenemos una lista de los phrasal verbs más comunes.

Phrasal Verb l Ejemplo
add up
  The waiter added up the bill.
ask (someone) out
invitar a salir
  Steve asked me out last night.
back off
  I would back off if I were you, I don’t think she likes you.
back (someone) up
apoyar, respaldar
  You were with me, you can back me up, right?
back up (something)
hacer un copia
  Don’t forget to back up all of your files.
break down (something)
dejar de trabajar, estropearse, averiarse
  Our car broke down while we were driving to the supermarket.
break down (someone)
venirse abajo
  It was the most stressful week. By Friday I broke down and cried.
break (something) down
derribar, desmontar
  We had to break down the stage to prepare for the next event.
blow up
  They blew up a building, but luckily nobody was hurt.
break into
forzando la entrada para robar
  Someone broke into my apartment while I was on holidays.
break up
separarse, romperse
  I can’t believe it, Dan broke up with me last night!
bring (somebody) up
criar y educar
  I was brought up by my grandmother.
bring (something) up
sacar, mencionar
  I hate him. Don’t ever bring his name up again!
call back
volver a llamar
  He was busy when I called, but he said he would call me back tonight.
call off
suspender, cancelar
  Did you hear? Brenda called off the wedding!
call on
  The teacher called on me in class to answer the question.
calm down
tranquilizarse, calmarse
  Calm down, everything is going to be ok.
carry on
seguir haciendo algo
  Carry on! You are doing very well.
carry on
seguir haciendo algo
  She must have loved Spain, she was carrying on about it for days after she returned.
catch up
ponerse al día
  Call me, we need to catch up!
check in
registrarse (en)
  What time can we check in to the hotel?
check out
pagar y marcharse
  They checked out on Monday.
check out
quedarse con, mirar
  He’s checking you out! / Let’s check out that new bar.
check up
hacer averiguaciones
  I know you have been sick, so I was calling to check up on you.
cheer up
animar(se) a alguien
  Sarah is depressed; we have to cheer her up.
close down
cerrar o terminar una actividad
  The factory was closed down last month.
come back
regresar, volver
  We are coming back next week.
come by
pasarse por
  Come by my office and we can talk.
come down with
  My son came down with the flu last week.
come from
  His love of music comes from his father.
count on
contar con
  Don’t worry, you can count on me!
cut back on
  With the crisis we have had to cut back on expenses.
cut off
  I don’t mean to cut you off, but I have to go now.
cut out
parar de hacer algo
  Cut it out! Leave your sister alone.
drop by/in
  I was just dropping by/in to say “hi”.
drop off
llevar a, dejar
  She dropped off the kids at school before going to work.
drop out
  He dropped out of school because he was failing all his classes.
end up
acabar + infinitivo
  There was no food at home so we ended up going out.
fall apart (something)
  The sweater fell apart after so many washings.
fall apart (someone)
  She fell apart when she heard the news
fall behind
quedarse atrás
  Hurry up or you will fall behind.
fall out
  I think my wallet fell out of my purse.
fight back
  If you don’t fight back, they will never stop bullying you.
figure out
  I can’t figure out why this isn’t working.
fill in/out
  You must fill in/out the forms completely.
fill up
  I need to stop at the gas station and fill up the gas tank.
find out
  If the teacher doesn’t know the answer, she will find it out.
fit in
encajar, integrarse
  Despite her efforts, she never fit in with the other kids.
get across
comunicar una idea
  He tried everything to get his ideas across, but his boss didn’t understand.
get along/on
llevarse bien
  I’m so lucky, my father and my husband get along/on really well.
get around
desplazarse, circular
  News really gets around fast!
get away
cogerse un descanso / vacaciones
  Work has been so stressful, I need to get away!
get away with
salir impune
  She stole my idea, but she won’t get away with it.
get back
regresar, volver
  They get back from vacation on Thursday.
get (something) back
  I have to get these books back to the library today.
get back at
vengarse de
  I’ll get back at her for stealing my idea!
get by
  We don’t have a lot of money right now, but we’ll get by.
get on
  He got on the bus for the airport.
get on
  My husband and I have separated, but I must get on with my life.
get out of
irse, salir, marcharse
  It’s too smoky in here, I have to get out of here.
get over
  I’m so upset, I can’t get over failing my test.
get through
superar, acabar
  I’m never going to get through this book with all of these distractions!
get together
quedar, reunir
  We are getting together for dinner tomorrow at 8.
get up
  What time did you get up this morning?
give away
  The millionaire gave away all his money just before he died.
give back
  Can you give me back my book when you have finished reading it?
give in/up
ceder, rendirse
  Be strong! Don’t give in to temptation
give out
repartir, distribuir
  They are giving out free samples at the store.
give up
rendirse, abandonar
  Ok, I give up. What’s the answer?
go ahead
ir delante
  Go ahead, I’ll meet you there.
go back
regresar, volver
  I’m so embarrassed. I can never go back to that restaurant.
go out
  Let’s go out for a drink.
go out with (someone)
salir con
  I hear Michael is going out with Jane.
go over
  Before you submit your thesis, I think we should go over it together.
go through
  You need to go through the Lincoln Tunnel to get to New Jersey.
go through
sufrir, soportar
  I can’t believe what you have been through.
grow up
crecer, criarse
  Alex grew up in France but now he lives in Italy.
hand in
presentar, entregar
  All homework must be handed in by the end of the day.
hand out
  The teacher will hand out the assignments this afternoon.
hang on
  Hang on, I’m coming.
hang out
pasar tiempo con
  Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her friends.
hang up
colgar el teléfono
  I was so angry I hung up on him.
hit on
flirtear, coquetear con
  Look at how that guy is hitting on Debbie.
hold back
  She tried, but she couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.
hold on
  Hold on, I’m coming.
hurry up
darse prisa
  Hurry up or we will be late.
keep on
  She kept on asking me the same questions.
lay (somebody) off
  With the crises, we have been forced to lay off some staff.
let (somebody) down
defraudar, decepcionar
  I don’t want to let you down, but I don’t think I can come with you to the party tomorrow.
look forward to
tener ganas de
  We are really looking forward to your visit!
look out
prestar atención, tener cuidado
  Look out! That car almost hit you!
look up
buscar, consultar
  You will need to look up some words in the dictionary.
look up to (somebody)
admirar a alguien
  She’s so brave, I have always looked up to her.
make (something) up
inventar algo
  I don’t believe you. You’re making that up!
make up (somebody)
  Our parents had an argument last night, but they made up this morning.
pick on (somebody)
fastidiar, burlar
  When I was young, my brother always picked on me.
put (something) off
posponer, atrasar
  You must not want to do it, you keep putting it off.
rely on
contar con, confiar en
  I hope I can rely on you to be discreet.
slow down
reducir la velocidad
  Slow down please, you are driving too fast!
speak up
hablar más alto, subir la voz
  Can you please speak up, I can’t understand you.
take after (somebody)
  With that bad temper, he must take after his father.
take over
sustituir, hacerse con el control
  If you are tired of driving, I can take over for a while.
take off
  The plane will take off in 5 minutes.
take up
ocupar, empezar una afición
  He has taken up tennis in his free time.
tell (somebody) off
echar la bronca, regañar
  She told him off after he was late again.
throw out
  They should throw that guy out, he’s really drunk.