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Buscador phrasal verbs


Ejercicios: Enough and Too

(Suficiente y demasiado)

Completa las frases con "enough", "too", "too many" o "too much".

Heather is old ____ now to make her own decisions.
Q1 of 8
My daughter has shoes. There isn't space in her closet for all of them.
Q2 of 8
You are ____ young to understand.
Q3 of 8
There is ____ work for just one person.
Q4 of 8
Is there ____ wine for everyone to try?
Q5 of 8
It's ____ early to go to bed.
Q6 of 8
The apartment is big ____ for 3 people.
Q7 of 8
There are ____ students in the classroom.
Q8 of 8
There is ____ salt in this soup.