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Buscador phrasal verbs


Ejercicios: For/Since/Ago


Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 11
We have been working ____ 8 o'clock this morning.

Q2 of 11
They played football ____ three hours yesterday afternoon.

Q3 of 11
Neil has been sleeping ____ hours.

Q4 of 11
I learned to drive fifteen years ____.

Q5 of 11
The children have been studying ____ this morning.

Q6 of 11
My parents went to New York City two years ____.

Q7 of 11
I have been tired ____ last week.

Q8 of 11
She always talks on the phone ____ hours with her sister.

Q9 of 11
We have been attending the annual conference every year ____ 2005.

Q10 of 11
He has taught English at the academy ____ 8 years now.

Q11 of 11
I have known her ____ we were kids.