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Buscador phrasal verbs


Ejercicios: Present Simple

(El presente simple)

Completa las frases con la forma correcta del verbo que está entre paréntesis.

I sometimes ____ (go) to work by car.
Q1 of 10
Ben ____ (work) in a hospital.
Q2 of 10
____ you ____ (like) fish?
Q3 of 10
She ____ (not/teach) English.
Q4 of 10
Matthew never ____ (watch) television.
Q5 of 10
____ she ____ (play) football?
Q6 of 10
They always ____ (eat) dinner at 7 o'clock.
Q7 of 10
We ____ (not/live) in a big house.
Q8 of 10
Valerie ____ (study) English at university.
Q9 of 10
____ he ____ (want) to eat?
Q10 of 10
Samantha ____ (play) tennis twice a week.