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Buscador phrasal verbs


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Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 72
John is going to the party with _____.

Q2 of 72
Where is the book? _____ is on the table.

Q3 of 72
Whose house is it? It is _____ house.

Q4 of 72
What color is your car? _____ car is blue.

Q5 of 72
I want _____ apple and two oranges.

Q6 of 72
I live in an apartment. _____ apartment is big.

Q7 of 72
The cat is _____ the box.

Q8 of 72
Where is John? He is _____ home.

Q9 of 72
He runs _____ Mondays and Fridays.

Q10 of 72
There _____ three glasses of water.

Q11 of 72
There is not _____ milk.

Q12 of 72
He doesn't have _____ money.

Q13 of 72
They _____ got a car.

Q14 of 72
_____ she like ice cream?

Q15 of 72
He never _____ vegetables.

Q16 of 72
What are you doing now? _____.

Q17 of 72
You're lying! I _____ you!

Q18 of 72
Choose the correct answer:

Q19 of 72
They are moving to Barcelona, _____ they really like Madrid.

Q20 of 72
New York is _____ than Los Angeles.

Q21 of 72
I like that dress, but it's _____ than this one.

Q22 of 72
She enjoys _____ in the mornings.

Q23 of 72
They decided _____ to Australia in May.

Q24 of 72
Which of the following is correct?

Q25 of 72
He _____ for an hour in the morning, _____ all afternoon and didn't return home until 10 at night.

Q26 of 72
Alice _____ for 30 years. She is retired now.

Q27 of 72
Jose called while I _____ TV.

Q28 of 72
At 10 o'clock last night we _____.

Q29 of 72
We _____ a party tonight.

Q30 of 72
They _____ their rooms.

Q31 of 72
They _____ a movie yesterday afternoon.

Q32 of 72
I _____ three exams already this week.

Q33 of 72
John _____ at the bank since 2005.

Q34 of 72
They _____ English for three years before they _____ to London.

Q35 of 72
I _____ for hours when I _____ asleep at my desk.

Q36 of 72
Put the following sentence in reported speech: "We went to the movies," he said.

Q37 of 72
Put the following sentence in reported speech: "You must wear your seatbelt," mom said.

Q38 of 72
The book _____ by Mark Twain.

Q39 of 72
The house _____ in 1975.

Q40 of 72
I would bring an umbrella, it _____ rain later.

Q41 of 72
We _____ leave now or we will be late.

Q42 of 72
If Bill studies, he _____ the exam

Q43 of 72
If I had known then what I know now, I _____ things differently.

Q44 of 72
It was the most stressful week. By Friday I _____ and cried.

Q45 of 72
We are having a fantastic time on vacation. We don't want to _____!

Q46 of 72
Correct the following: i have got english classes every monday and friday in july.

Q47 of 72
____ any time.

Q48 of 72
Put the following adjectives in the correct order: curly/brown/beautiful/long hair

Q49 of 72
Today it ____ cold.

Q50 of 72
David and I ____ at home at the moment.

Q51 of 72
We ____ dinner every night at 7 o'clock.

Q52 of 72
She ____ any secrets.

Q53 of 72
There isn't ____ here.

Q54 of 72
My sister, ____ is an excellent cook, works at this restaurant.

Q55 of 72
Choose the correct sentence:

Q56 of 72
Her grandmother is a ____ person.

Q57 of 72
Kate is ____ clever. She passed all of her exams with high marks.

Q58 of 72
Who speaks the ____ English in your office?

Q59 of 72
This is delicious! He cooks ____ a professional chef.

Q60 of 72
____ do you prefer, living in the city or a small town?

Q61 of 72
We ____ travel a lot when I was young. We didn't have much money.

Q62 of 72
I ____ finished my homework. I did it yesterday.

Q63 of 72
Peter has been playing football ____ 5 years.

Q64 of 72
Peter played football 5 years ____.

Q65 of 72
Your parents ____ have been proud when you won first prize in the science fair.

Q66 of 72
We ____ by the time you get back from work.

Q67 of 72
We are meeting at 6 o'clock to ____ a drink.

Q68 of 72
If you want to go to the museum, you must ____ at the next stop.

Q69 of 72
Do you think we have _____ food? I just want to be sure we have _____ for everyone.

Q70 of 72
The opposite of construct is:

Q71 of 72
I don't like violence, it's ____.

Q72 of 72
Joe doesn't listen, he just does ____ he wants.