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Phrasal verb search


Exercises: Directions and Transportation

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Choose the correct answer.

Q1 of 10
Go straight ____.

Q2 of 10
Where is the nearest train _____?

Q3 of 10
How much is the _____ to New York City?

Q4 of 10
You can _____ over the bridge.

Q5 of 10
Turn right at the next _____.

Q6 of 10
What's the name of this _____? Main.

Q7 of 10
Please show me where the hotel is on this _____.

Q8 of 10
Walk two _____ and you will see the bank on your right.

Q9 of 10
I'm _____. Can you tell me how to get to the Modern Art Museum?

Q10 of 10
[On a train or bus] Sorry, this is my _____.