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Exercises: Relative Pronouns

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Choose the correct answer.

Q1 of 10
The book that I am reading is fantastic.

Q2 of 10
Can you buy me the book that won the Booker Prize last year?

Q3 of 10
Bill has many CDs which were recorded by his brother's record company.

Q4 of 10
The man who I met at the party last week wants to go out to dinner this weekend.

Q5 of 10
Rachel said that she was going to Rome next week.

Q6 of 10
My birthday, which is also the birthday of my father, is September 3rd.

Q7 of 10
I received many gifts for my birthday, but the gifts I love the most are the ones that my children gave me.

Q8 of 10
Those are our neighbors whose house just burned down.

Q9 of 10
My friend Victor, who is a great guy, is single now.

Q10 of 10
He has had many jobs, but his favorite was the one that he had in the museum when he first finished university.