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    Learn Courses Basic level Numbers dates time Ordinal numbers

"Tom is FIRST, Sally is SECOND and Mary is THIRD". We could say this about 3 children in a running race. These numbers indicate the order or position on a list. Continue the lesson below.

The abbreviation of ordinal numbers is formed using the number and the last two letters of the word. The rules for the written words are the same as those of ordinal numbers (we use a hyphen for tens and for hundreds, thousands and millions, we use “and”).

1st (first), 2nd (second), 3rd (third), 7th (seventh), 15th (fifteenth),
20th (twentieth), 23rd (twenty-third), 31st (thirty-first)…
1st   first
2nd   second
3rd   third
4th   fourth
5th   fifth
6th   sixth
7th   seventh
8th   eighth
9th   ninth
10th   tenth
11th   eleventh
12th   twelfth
13th   thirteenth
14th   fourteenth
15th   fifteenth
16th   sixteenth
17th   seventeenth
18th   eighteenth
19th   nineteenth
20th   twentieth
21st   twenty-first
22nd   twenty-second
30th   thirtieth
40th   fortieth
50th   fiftieth
60th   sixtieth
70th   seventieth
80th   eightieth
90th   ninetieth
100th   hundredth
101st   hundred and first
200th   two hundredth
1,000th   thousandth
10,000th   ten thousandth
100,000th   hundred thousandth
1,000,000th   millionth
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