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Lesson 6.1

Constructing Questions

Construir preguntas
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There are 2 types of questions:

Does he work in a school? No, he doesn’t.

1. Closed questions require a “yes” or “no”, “right” or “wrong” response.

Do their children play sports? Yes, they do.

These questions are formed using an auxiliary verb, in this case “do”.

Is she tall? Yes, she is.
Have you got a pet? No, I haven’t.

With the verbs “be” and “have got”, closed questions begin with the verb.

Where does she work?

2. Open questions cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, but elicit information, explanation, description or opinion.

What do you like to eat?

Open questions are created using interrogative pronouns or question words.

What are you thinking about?

Note: In questions, prepositions are generally found at the end of the sentence.

Who did you call last night?

Within open questions, we can distinguish between object questions and subject questions. Object questions ask for the object of a sentence and require the use of the auxiliary verb “do”.

Who called last night?

Subject questions are those questions in which the interrogative pronoun or question word acts as the subject of the sentence. In subject questions, we do not use an auxiliary verb and the word order is not inverted.

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