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Lesson 6.3

What vs. Which

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“What” and “which” are two interrogative pronouns that are frequently confused. Below is an explanation of the different uses of these pronouns.


What” is used to ask a question when there is an unknown or infinite number of possible answers or options. It is used for asking questions in general.


 What is your favorite food?
 What did you do yesterday?
 What type of music do you like?
 What would you like to drink?


In contrast to “what”, we use “which” when the possible answers are limited to a small quantity (perhaps 2, 3 or 4) and it is necessary to choose among them. This interrogative pronoun can be used with both things and people.


 Which jacket should I buy, the brown one or the black one?
 Which of you would like to help me?
 Which would you like, wine or beer?
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