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Lesson 7.2

Imperative Sentences

Las frases imperativas
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In general, the imperative is used to give orders, instructions or warnings. The structure of imperative sentences is different because we do not use a subject; it is assumed that the subject is always “you”. Therefore, the verb is always in the infinitive form.

The Affirmative Imperative

Verb + noun, adjective…


 Do your homework!
 Wash your hands!
 Tell me the truth!

The Negative Imperative

Auxiliary verb (to do) + negative auxiliary (not) + verb + noun, adjective…


 Do not lie to me!
 Do not wash in the washing machine.
 Don’t hit your sister!

Note: If we want to include ourselves in the sentence, we use “let’s”…


 Let’s go!
 Let’s not fight.
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