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Buscador phrasal verbs


Ejercicios: Unit Test: Collocations and Expressions

(Test de unidad: Colocaciones y expresiones)


Reescribe la frase y sustituye el verbo entre paréntesis con la estructura "delexical" correcta.

You need to [decide].
Q1 of 10
[Don't answer] me now. Think about it.
Q2 of 10
I [will shower quickly] and then we can go.
Q3 of 10
Let's [jog] this morning.
Q4 of 10
You [promised] me!
Q5 of 10
The teacher [warned] the class.
Q6 of 10
She [washed up] before going to bed.
Q7 of 10
They [argued] about politics.
Q8 of 10
How long [have] you [exercised]?
Q9 of 10
Where should we [drink]?
Q10 of 10
My dad [hugged] me at the airport.