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Lesson 11.3

Weather and Clothing

El tiempo y la ropa
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  This text describes the weather on a day when two boys go outside to play and the clothes they are wearing. You will learn vocabulary related to weather and clothing. Then you can see if you have understood the text by answering the questions.

It is a sunny, but cold morning. The sky is blue and there are only a few clouds in the sky.

Sam is wearing blue trousers, a white t-shirt, a red sweater and a black jacket. He has a hat on his head and gloves on his hands. He is wearing boots because he is walking to his friend Jim’s house and there is snow on the ground.

Jim greets Sam when he arrives. Jim is wearing jeans, a grey shirt, a blue coat and sneakers. He puts on a scarf, mittens and a warm hat because they are going to play outside.

The boys play for about an hour and then they both go home. Later in the evening the sky gets cloudy and the wind starts to blow. It starts to snow and it doesn’t stop snowing until the next morning. The boys are happy because they can go sledding.

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