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Lesson 9.4

At the Restaurant

En el restaurante
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  The Smith family went to a restaurant a few months ago to celebrate Dad’s birthday. They were enjoying their meal very much until something strange happened.

The family climbed out of the car and walked slowly into the restaurant. Dad was in a very good mood because it was his 60th birthday that day. He used to hate celebrating his birthday, but now that he’s older he enjoys the attention.

It was very hot that night, possibly the hottest night of the year. They all chose to go to the Fish and Seafood restaurant in their village. It had air-conditioning so it wouldn’t be as hot as at home.

When they sat down the waiter came quickly to bring them the menus. He told them about the specials that evening and gave them some time to decide what they wanted to order. Mom ordered salmon, Luke ordered shrimp and Dad decided to have something special… lobster.

They started their meal with some nice salads and delicious, crispy bread with olive oil. They were talking about the rest of their summer holidays. Then the main courses arrived. They all smelled absolutely fantastic.Then suddenly Dad saw something strange.The lobster on his plate was still moving its claws. He was shocked!

The waiter came over immediately and picked up the plate with the moving lobster. He brought it back to the kitchen and came back to the table a few minutes later with another plate of lobster. After apologizing he offered to give him the lobster for free.

Even though Dad was surprised by what had happened he ate his lobster hungrily and was happy to get a free meal on his birthday.

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