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    Learn Courses Advanced level Phrasal verbs To get

"I GOT up at 6 a.m. but I didn't GET to work until 9 o´clock because of the traffic". Here we can see two uses of the verb "get". It's a very commonly used verb with different meanings. Learn more below.

The verb “to get” is perhaps the most commonly used verb in spoken English. With many meanings, it is also perhaps the most difficult to learn. Below is a list of the most common meanings and uses of this verb.

Note: “To get” is an irregular verb. The past tense, as well as the past participle, is “got”.

“To get” + Direct Object

To Receive


 Did you get my email yesterday?
 I got my drivers license in the mail this morning.

To Obtain


 Peter got his Master’s degree from Boston University in 2005.
 We got permission to build the extension on our house.

To Buy


 Can you get some milk while you are at the supermarket?
 Carrie is getting a new car next week.

To Earn/Charge


 How much do you think I can get for my old car?
 I get overtime pay when I work more than 8 hours a day.

To Fetch


 Can you get my jacket for me?
 She got a cup of coffee and sat down to talk.

“To get” + Expression of Place

To Arrive

When we use the verb “to get” to mean “to arrive”, the preposition of direction or movement, “to” is necessary.


 What time do you get to work in the mornings?
 Greg didn’t get to the party until 11 o’clock.

To Reach


 Oliver can you help me? I can’t get the book, the shelf is too high.

“To get” + Adjective

To become

In this sense, “to get” indicates a process or change of state.


 Don’t get angry, I was just joking!
 We better go inside, it’s getting dark.
 Winter is almost here, it’s getting colder every day.
 I’m getting tired, I think I will go to bed.
 I heard you are sick. I hope you get better soon.
 Brad jumped out of bed and got dressed quickly because he was late for work.
 When did you get married?

“To get” + Preposition or Adverb

There are many phrasal verbs which use the verb “to get”; below is a list of the most common.

To get on/in

Meaning: to enter. We use “to get on” with buses, trains, and planes, but “to get in” with cars and houses.


 Where do you get on the train? “The Broadway/Lafayette stop.”
 The flight was delayed. We didn’t even get on the plane until 11:30.
 Get in the the house, it’s raining!
 She got in the car and immediately started crying.

To get off/out of

Meaning: to exit. We use “to get off” with buses, trains and planes, but “to get out of” with cars, houses and rooms.


 We have to get off the bus at the next stop.
 John got off the plane at 6 o’clock.
 Get out of my room immediately!
 She got out of the car and slammed the door.

To get by

Meaning: to survive; to have just enough money


 How are you getting by right now without a job?
 We can’t get by on just one salary.

To get over"

Meaning: to recover, physically or emotionally


 Alice still hasn’t gotten over her ex-boyfriend.
 Has your mother gotten over the flu yet?

To get up

Meaning: to get out of bed


 The children get up at 7 o’clock every morning.
 I didn’t get up until 11 o’clock this morning.

Other Uses of “To get”

To Understand


 I don’t get it, can you repeat what you just said?
 Henry didn’t get the joke and so was the only one not laughing.

To Persuade


 I tried to get Jane to come to the party, but she just wouldn’t be convinced.
 Can I get you to change your mind?
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