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Lesson 15.4

A Mystery

Un misterio
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  Amy and James are enjoying themselves at a campsite until something mysterious and unfortunate happens. How will they resolve it?

Amy y James están disfrutándose en un camping hasta que algo misterioso y desafortunado ocurre. ¿Cómo lo arreglarán?

It was a warm summer night and James and I were staying at a campsite near the sea. We had chosen that campsite due to the fact that our friend Jessica had stayed there and had recommended it.

After a lovely day at the beach dipping in the sea, sunbathing and playing beach volleyball we arrived at the campsite feeling quite relaxed, but incredibly hungry. We hurriedly prepared ourselves a delicious bowl of sliced fruit and some biscuits. Afterwards we grabbed our towels and toiletries and walked to the showers.

We came back after only about 20 minutes. As we approached the tent something seemed different.


  Did we leave the tent door wide open, Amy?



We peeked our heads inside the tent and saw that someone had stolen our bicycles.


  Oh no!
  We made a mistake. We should have locked them up!
  It must’ve been some kids around here. We’ve only been gone about 15 to 20 minutes.


  They can’t have gone far.

We asked the people staying in the next plot if they had seen anyone taking anything from our tent. They said that they hadn’t but that they had been at the swimming pool most of the last hour. We walked around the whole campsite, but there was no sign of our bikes.


  I’ll go speak with someone in reception.


  Maybe we should make sure that they didn’t steal anything else.

We looked through all of our things and realized that some money had been stolen as well.


  What a nightmare!

After speaking to the campsite staff, the local police were called to do a police report. We described what had been stolen from our tent, they asked us lots of questions and gave us a copy of the report.

We walked back to the tent slowly feeling discouraged and annoyed. That night we went to bed early and got up at sunrise the next morning. As we climbed out of our tent we saw our bicycles leaning up against a nearby tree! We never found out who had taken them or why, but we did learn that we could never leave our things in a tent again.

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