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Lesson 15.3

At the Market

En el mercado
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John and Chris are at a great street market today. There are so many stands of interesting products, from antiques, jewelry and collectibles to hand-made clothing, food and even small pets.


  Look at that stand, Chris. There are some old records!
  Yeah, a lot of people are collecting records again.
  Wow! Here is the first album by U2. I would love to own this!
  Pretty cool! How much is this?


  This one is very special. There are only a few copies left. It’s $25.
  Twenty-five dollars? I will give you $15 for it.
  Sorry, I can’t go lower than $22.
  Come on…. how about $20?
  Okay, but that’s the lowest I will go. Would you like me to wrap it?
  Yes, please or else it will get scratched in my bag.

A little bit later…

  I would like to go look at those antique clocks and watches. My Dad’s birthday is coming up and he loves antiques.
  Okay, let’s go over there.
  This watch is gorgeous. I think my Dad would love this.
  Yes, it’s nice. Do you think it works?
  How old is this watch?


  It’s 40 years old.
  Where was it made?
  In Switzerland. It’s a very good piece.
  Does it work?
  Yes, of course. It just needs a new battery.
  Do you have one so we can check?
  Sure, I will show you.
  My Dad already has two other watches, but neither of them works so he doesn’t wear either of them lately.
  I bet you he would be very happy with this.
  How much is it?
  I don’t have enough money. Can’t you sell it to me for less?
  No. This piece is a high-quality Swiss watch.
  How about $75?
  Sorry. I can’t go lower than $100 I’m afraid.
  Oh well, that’s too bad. I can’t afford it. Thank you either way.
  Have you seen this watch? It’s in your price range.
  It’s nice, but I don’t think my Dad will like it. Thanks anyway.
  Have a nice day!
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