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Ejercicios: Modal Perfects

(Los modales perfectos)


Elige el verbo modal más apropiado para sustituir el verbo modal en mayúsculas.

Q1 of 9
You went to Moscow in February? It SHOULD have been cold!

Q2 of 9
We MIGHT have stayed home. That movie was terrible!

Q3 of 9
It MUST not have been the best cake you ever made, but it was still pretty good.

Q4 of 9
It was bad, but it OUGHT TO have been worse!

Q5 of 9
What a great day! I MAY not have asked for more.

Q6 of 9
The dog just got out, it MAY have gone far.

Q7 of 9
You went to China? That WILL have been exciting!

Q8 of 9
You MUST have brought a jacket. It´s so cold tonight!

Q9 of 9
If he had been in the competition he MUST have been the winner.