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Ejercicios: Personal Pronouns

(Los pronombres personales)


Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 10
Who is Kate? Kate is my friend. ____ is a teacher.

Q2 of 10
Who is this man? This is Henry. _____ is my boss.

Q3 of 10
Do you know Tom? Yes, I know _____.

Q4 of 10
I don't see them. Do _____ see them?

Q5 of 10
We are going to the cinema. Do you want to come with _____?

Q6 of 10
I love this book! Did you read _____?

Q7 of 10
Where are Tom and Kate living? _____ live next to my house.

Q8 of 10
Where's the cat? _____ is in the garden.

Q9 of 10
It's Mary's birthday today. I called _____ this morning.

Q10 of 10
Amy and John are my new friends. I really like _____.