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Phrasal verb search


Exercises: Phrasal and Prepositional Verbs 2

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Choose the correct answer.

Q1 of 9
The burglar _____ her flat.

Q2 of 9
We don't believe what Peter told us about Mary. We think he is _____.

Q3 of 9
I'm very sad because yesterday I _____ with my best friend.

Q4 of 9
Our parents had an argument last night but they _____ today.

Q5 of 9
We _____ for New York at six o'clock to avoid the traffic.

Q6 of 9
My mother opened the door and _____ the old cat.

Q7 of 9
Please, be quiet ... _____!

Q8 of 9
I was _____ by my grandmother.

Q9 of 9
My sister is very intelligent. Everybody _____ to her.