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    Practice Exercises Phrasal and prepositional verbs


Phrasal and Prepositional Verbs

Choose the correct answer.
1 of 9 You have to _____ your cigarette _____ when you enter the non-smoking area.
let, down
put, out
pull, down
give, away
2 of 9 They _____ all their money _____ to the poor.
give, away
take, on
put, in
bring, up
3 of 9 The firemen are trying to _____ the cause of the fire.
get in
look up
look out
find out
4 of 9 My daughter _____ her father.
seems like
looks at
takes after
leaves in
5 of 9 The plane is going to _____ in twenty minutes.
fly away
take off
blow up
set up
6 of 9 My brother uses my things and never _____ them _____ .
drives, back
returns, up
puts, back
sets, up
7 of 9 The music is too loud. _____ it _____ , please.
Come, down
Put, down
Let, down
Turn, down
8 of 9 _____ your coat and make yourself comfortable.
Take off
Take up
Take on
Take in
9 of 9 Peter is so fast! It's really hard to _____ with him.
get up
follow up
keep up
take up