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Ejercicios: Adjectives Ending in "-ed" and "-ing"

(Los adjetivos terminando en "-ed" y "-ing")


Escribe los adjetivos que están entre paréntesis con la terminación correcta ("-ed" o "-ing").

Peter thought the marathon was ____ (challenge).
Q1 of 10
I was ____ (annoy) by his attitude.
Q2 of 10
Are you ____ (confuse)? Don't worry, I'll explain.
Q3 of 10
That movie was really ____ (depress).
Q4 of 10
It was an ____ (exhaust) day.
Q5 of 10
The children were ____ (frighten) by the storm.
Q6 of 10
You must be ____ (relieve) now that your exams are finished.
Q7 of 10
The news was ____ (discourage).
Q8 of 10
She is ____ (overwhelm) with work.
Q9 of 10
Could this situation be any more ____ (frustrate).
Q10 of 10
I was ____ (interest) in his lecture.