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Ejercicios: Adjectives Ending in "-ed" and "-ing" 2

(Los adjetivos terminando en "-ed" y "-ing" 2)


Elige la respuesta correcta.

Q1 of 8
I fell in front of a crowd of people. What an _____ situation!

Q2 of 8
We were _____ when we heard the news of the forest fires.

Q3 of 8
I was _____ that it was the right decision.

Q4 of 8
We loved our holidays; sitting on the beach and watching the sunset was so _____.

Q5 of 8
The children must have been _____ when the excursion was cancelled.

Q6 of 8
Did I say something wrong? Are you _____ with me?

Q7 of 8
He was _____ when he got his grade report.

Q8 of 8
It was so _____ to see her in class.