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Buscador phrasal verbs


Ejercicios: Comparative Adverbs

(Los adverbios comparativos)


Escribe la forma de adverbio comparativa o superlativa del adjetivo entre paréntesis.

Alicia dances ____ (graceful) than Rebecca.
Q1 of 8
You need to push ____ (hard).
Q2 of 8
Devon speaks ____ (well) English in the class.
Q3 of 8
The ____ (fast) car wins.
Q4 of 8
David is very generous, but at times he spends his money ____ (careless) than he should.
Q5 of 8
Mario likes to have fun. He does his work ____ (serious) than Chris.
Q6 of 8
Johnny speaks ____ (bad) English than Devon.
Q7 of 8
Meghan has changed the ____ (radical) since high school. I didn't even recognize her!
Q8 of 8
He finished the test ____ (quick) than the rest of the class.